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国際学会「The Ninth International Conference on Advances in Vehicular Systems, Technologies and Applications, VEHICULAR 2020」に投稿していた論文がアクセプトされ、発表しました。発表タイトルは、「Implementation and Evaluation of Priority Processing by Controlling Transmission Interval Considering Traffic Environment in a Dynamic Map」です。





Much attention has been attracted to the research of cooperative automatic driving that focuses on safety and efficiency by sharing the data obtained from sensor information of a vehicle. In addition, dynamic maps, a common information and communication platform for the integrated management of shared sensor information, are under consideration. A vehicle always sends data to a server that manages the dynamic map, and the server runs applications for driving support and control on the basis of the data, so fast information processing is required. However, congestion is a concern when data is continuously sent from vehicles to the server at high transmission intervals and when many vehicles are managed by dynamic maps on the server. In addition, the data transmission interval from the vehicle required by the road characteristics differs in actual traffic environments. Therefore, congestion can be alleviated by adjusting the transmission interval of data from the vehicle in consideration of road characteristics. In this paper, a platform for a dynamic map consisting of a server and a vehicle is constructed. We have also implemented a priority processing function that sets the priority for each section of a lane, and adjusts the transmission interval on the basis of the characteristics of the road around the vehicle.



Conrefence VEHICULAR 2020
Pages 33 - 39
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Publication date October 18, 2020
ISSN 2327-2058
ISBN 978-1-61208-795-5